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Dash Cameras - How They Help in Auto Claims


Dash Camera on front windshieldWe’re all aware that almost everything we do is being recorded in some way.  Red Light cameras, intersection cameras, store security cameras, home doorbell cameras and more.  Then there are audio recordings with Siri and Alexa.   All of these conveniences have positive and negative characteristics. 

Let’s add Automobile Dashboard Cameras to the list.  Dash Cam’s for short.  These video recording devices are becoming more popular.  They first seemed to start with auto enthusiasts who would record their drives.  We’re now seeing more consumers purchasing them, especially, in more populated areas.

Our family has had dash cam’s for a few years.  I truly thought the purchase as a frivolous toy for my husband.   About a year into owning one, we were involved in a slight fender bender.  A driver passed us and cut over into our lane (unsafe lane change) clipping our bumper.  He didn’t realize he hit our car.  We followed him home and had the police meet us at the destination.  The police watched the dash cam footage and advised the other party we had proof of the accident which would be used against him when the claim was reported.    His insurance carrier denied the claim but our insurance carrier pressed on and took the matter to court.   Once the judge reviewed the dash cam footage the ruling was in our favor and the other insurance carrier paid for the damage to our vehicle.  The expense of the dash cam has been paid for 10-fold! 

We now have dash cam’s in the front and back of our vehicles.   I no longer think of them as frivolous toys.

Insurance carriers normally do not provide premium credits for having dash cam’s.  But, if you are involved in an accident, dash cam footage is admissible when fault of the claim is being determined by insurance carriers. 

Think about it… 


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