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Save Seven Ways

Insurance is an expense, so clearly the lower the cost, the better. We recognize that, and pride ourselves in finding plans with low premiums. We contend, however, that the most significant savings comes from a comprehensive approach:


We Help Individuals and Business Owners…

1. Get the Best Price

Through our access to multiple insurance companies, we can often save our clients money over any other option available.

2. Avoid Penalties

By keeping on top of insurance requirements by industry, we know what regulations apply to each business, and help the owner put necessary coverage in place.

3. Get the Right Coverage

Too much coverage is costly and too little coverage could be really costly. More importantly, the fine print can make or break how well you and your business are covered.

4. Save Time

We provide a fast turnaround to support all our clients. Just one example: same-day or next-day certificates of insurance.

5. Avoid Double-Paying

Many insurance policies include little-known benefits – benefits that you may be paying for elsewhere in your business. We go the extra mile to help you take advantage of everything your policy offers.

6. Reduce Claims

We behave like an in-house risk manager for fundamental compliance information – at no extra cost to you. We facilitate education and training to help you avoid claims in the first place.

7. Avoid Aggravation & Miscommunication

By providing our clients with one point of contact, even to help with claims, you will never get the runaround.



“Save Seven Ways” Insurance Assessment

Even if you never become a client, you can begin to “save seven ways” with our help. Claim your complimentary consultation now!