Our Primary Purpose

Over the years, we have found that a team approach can be an effective method of helping clients with a wide variety of needs as they navigate the complex world of insurance.


Why Choose Us?

We invite you to discover and experience the benefits of a diverse team with differing educational interests, experiences, and strategies.

Sagacious Insurance Services, Inc.

When owner Maura Perkins was a little girl, she heard the word sagacious. Not knowing what it meant she looked it up and the definition was one that she loved. She never forgot it. In fact, she thought that if she ever had her own business, she would name it Sagacious. In 2012 after working in insurance for 25 years Maura Perkins opened the doors to Sagacious Insurance Services. Sagacious Insurance is a relationship based independent insurance broker. Providing boutique services to small, medium and large business accounts as well as personal insurance for home, auto, life, health and disability.

Many people ask what is the definition of Sagacious. It is, Sagacious: having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement; shrewd; wise, clever, intelligent, showing great knowledge, sensible and sage.

You should receive multiple quotes for all lines of insurance from any insurance broker. If you are not receiving these options from your current insurance provider, shouldn’t you be working with an insurance broker that is Sagacious?