HR Support

Many small to mid-sized business do not have a Human Resource Department or a full-time employee dedicated to HR matters.  The role usually falls on the business owner or operations manager in tandem with their own workload.  Because there are so many new employment laws enacted throughout the year it can be difficult for these businesses to feel confident in the information they are providing to their employees.  Misinformation can result in mistakes and the potential for employment related claims as well as fines and penalties from state and federal governments.   To aid our insurance clients, our agency offers HR Consulting Services.   The cost for these services depends on the number of employees and the services each business needs.  

Below is a listing of our available services: 

  • Consultation of employment offer letters
  • Consultation of job descriptions
  • Reference Checks
  • Interview process assistance
  • New employee on-boarding  
  • Employee Benefit insurance on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Employee Annual Review processes
  • Conflict resolution assistance 
  • On-site or phone HR Consultation
  • Professional Improvement Plans 
  • Termination of employees
  • Exit Interviews
  • Employee Handbooks 
  • Annual updates of Employee Handbooks pertaining to change or new laws
  • State Harassment Training (required by most states)
  • Motor Vehicle Reports 
  • State & Federal Posting Notices

We also insurance compliance consultation and products such as: 

  • Injury, Illness & Prevention Plans (State required) 
  • Safety & Compliance Videos 
  • Workplace Safety meetings
  • Certificate of Insurance tracking for Independent and Subcontractors
  • Healthcare Open Enrollment meetings
  • Online Healthcare Enrollment 

Our HR advice is documented with the State or Federal regulation documents for the request which we provide to our clients to solve and answer questions.   We also have several Employment Attorney’s we work with to refer to our clients when an employment matter escalates into a legal matter.  

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your businesses HR needs.